TISAFLEX P is the perfect solution to protect and maintain your cables. The specially designed 3:1 ratio of expansion allows a wide range of use in all field of industry. TISAFLEX P is conform to UL file N°E174148.


• Specially designed for abrasion protection of hoses and cable harnesses

• Easily installed thanks to its expanding diameter capacity, enabling significant differences in cross sections, elbows, connections, etc.


• Cut lengths upon request
• Other packaging upon request

Standard Packaging
BLACK Min(mm) Max(mm) Reel (m.)
P 012 2.4 6.4 220 300
P 025 3.2 9.5 610 300
P 038 4.7 15.9 790 150
P 050 6.4 19.1 1200 150
P 075 12.7 31.8 1830 75
P 125 19.1 44.5 2370 75
P 175 31.8 69.8 3900 60
P 200 38.1 76.2 4670 30
P250 44.5 92.0 5390 30
* Weight as guidance for 100 mm.
** Recommended range of use

Features and Benefits

Highly Expandable Sleeve
Excellent abrasion resistance
Excellent cutting resistance
Insensitive to
condensation and fungus
Working temperature
-50°C to +150°C
& halogen-free

The information and illustrations given herein are believed to be reliable. Texprotec de Mexcio makes no warranties as to their accuracy or completeness and disclaims any liability in connection with their use. Texprotec de Mexico’s only obligations are those in the standard terms of sale for this product and Texprotec de Mexico will not be liable for any consequential or other damages arising out of the use or misuse of this product. Users should make their own evaluation to determine the suitability of the product for specific applications.

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