TISAFLEX SAS (Sound Absorbent Sleeve) has been studied by our engineers in order to avoid the noise made by harnesses in different parts of transportation systems.


  • The use of multifilaments allows an absorption of noise from tapping.
  • The use of monofilaments guarantee efficient friction protection
  • Its expandable feature makes it easy to install and allows for taking up significant differences in cross sections, elbows, connections, without bends or flattening
  • Noiseless sleeve for all car interior cables


  • Hot cutting to length means there is no fraying to the ends
Standard Packaging***
BLACK Min(mm) Max(mm) Reel (m.)
SAS 03 1 4 320 200
SAS 04 2 8 500 200
SAS 06 4 11 670 100
SAS 09 6 16 820 100
SAS 12 8 20 1100 100
SAS 15 10 24 1200 50
SAS 20 13 30 1500 50
SAS 30 20 40 2100 50
SAS 40 30 50 2900 25
SAS 50 40 60 3600 25
* Weight as guidance for 100 mm.
** Recommended range of use.
*** Coils: Sleeving packed in coil, attached with ties, covered with plastic film.
Rolls: Sleeving packed in rolls, covered with plastic film.

Features and Benefits

Absorption of noise from tapping and friction
Working temperature
-50°C to +150°C
Expandable sleeve
Excellent abrasion resistance
Excellent cutting resistance
Insensitive to condensation and fungus
Auto-extinguishing & halogen-free

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